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Burro QB,
    However, you don't want to miss our dinner meeting on Monday July 12th at Spring Hill Suites by Marriott - 7922 Mosely Road. Solo has arranged for Astronaut Steve Robinson to be our guest speaker so make sure you attend for a great evening of fellowship. Please advise your qualified guests and candidates. The bar opens at 1800 hours with dinner and program at 1900 hours. As usual, we will have several bad jokes and the crooked drawing. Look forward to seeing your friends.
Noel Graubart
Traffic Controller

Gone West:

It is with sadness that I am advising everyone about the passing of Joe Borden on Friday February 8. Joe enjoyed being with the HOU members of QB and I was proud to be his sponsor.
    Unfortunately the cancer Joe fought for so many years took over and Joe spent his last week in Houston Hospice.
    Those of us who were privileged to know Joe understand his passion for aviation. Before we were able to initiate him, Joe went West.
    A memorial service will be held at 10 am on Monday February 15th at Levy Funeral Directors - 4525 Bissonnet.
Noel Graubart
Traffic Controller


Burro, HOU QBs --
Some sad news to announce this morning.  I just received a call from Dwight Phillips to let me know that Houston's Kelly Steele Went West yesterday.  His wife, Bernice, had gone to church with Kelly resting in his lounger.  When she returned, she found him gone.  Kelly had been fighting lung cancer and also had some heart problems, per Dwight.
Bernice plans to have an obituary in the paper on Tuesday and is currently planning for funeral services on Thursday.  As soon as I have any details, I will get them out to all of our members.  With three days advance notice, we should be able to get a good turnout for Kelly's services.
More later.
Bob Kietzman

Burro, all --
For the older QBs in the HOU Hangar, you will remember Bill Click, a HOU stalwart until the CXO Hangar came into being.  Bill Went West on Tuesday, November 17.  He was a charter member of CXO, demitting from HOU in 2000.  Bill's obituary appeared in the Houston Chronicle this morning -- a scanned copy is attached.
Bill's QB number was / is 09503.  He was initiated into the HOU Hangar on September 17, 1952 -- making him a member of Quiet Birdmen for over 57 years.
Bill and Dave Emison (another HOU QB demitting to CXO) were lifelong friends from well before their QB days.  They lived in the same retirement home in Tomball in the past few years. 
This is a short notice, but for those able and interested, funeral services will be held on Friday (tomorrow) 10:00 AM, at the Cashner Colonial Chapel (I presume in Tomball, although it may be Conroe or Willis) with entombment following in Garden Park Cemetery's Praying Hands Mausoleum.
Bob Kietzman


Just received notice that Beryl Minard, QB 10999, went west  Monday, Sep. 7. Cause of death unspecified but he had been affected by Alzheimer’s for several years and was in custodial care in a San Antonio home.
A memorial service is planned for early October at Beryl’s private airport, Pegasus, where his ashes will be scattered.  Details will follow later.

Bob Smith, QB 30383

, Went West on Saturday, January 10.  His obituary was in the Houston Chronicle this morning.  
A memorial service will be held at 1:00 PM on Friday, January 16, in the sanctuary of The Memorial Drive United Methodist Church, with a reception to follow.
PLEASE PLAN TO ATTEND THE MEMORIAL SERVICE FOR THIS FELLOW QB.  The last two services for Houston QB had only three QB's in attendance!  A very poor showing for a group that likes to think it is a fraternal organization of good fellows.  While Bob Smith was only initiated in 1993 and could not attend meetings for the past several years due to increasingly acute Alzheimer's disease, he was a HOU QB and the members should show their respect at this memorial service. 
Candidate sponsors should contact their candidates and let them know of the services and also let them know they are both invited and expected to participate in this traditional QB sendoff for a comrade who had Gone West.
For those of you who are not familiar with The Memorial Drive United Methodist Church, it is located on Memorial a few blocks west of Sam Houston Toll Road (West Belt to some of us), south side of the street.
Following the memorial service, the QBs and candidates who are there will rendezvous at the trunk of my car in the west parking lot for a Gone West toast to Bob Smith.  I will have the fixings and look forward to having a good turnout.
Bob Kietzman


Emmet Parkerson

... Went West on July 2, 2007

Henry Messer

Henry died in his sleep on July 12. He had specified that he did not want a funeral service.


HOU Hangar member Jack Hirsch, who was initiated only last April,
went west on Wednesday, June 13, 2007.

He suffered a heart attack while mowing his yard.

Richard "Rich" Dinwiddie

QB 31246       Initiated COS    Gone West 12/21/2005

Bill Bush

QB 09333, was born on February 26, 1921. He was initiated into Quiet Birdmen at Jackson, Mississippi, on January 3, 1952 and demitted to HOU on January 15, 1959. He made his final flight to the West on December 28, 2005

Lewis "Lew" Fisher,

QB 25150, HOU Hangar, went west on Monday, Apr. 4.2005

Dorris "Hap" Taylor,

QB 19989, Dorris "Hap" Taylor went west on Wednesday, Dec. 22,2004 in San Antonio. Hap had been a a long time attendee at HOU hangar meetings, but was a member of the SAT hangar.

To All Burros

We have the video tapes "The History of Ye Ancient and Secrete Order of Quiet Birdmen", available to HOU members at our cost of $15. The tape is of a talk given by Elton Bischoff at the CXO charter presentation. Red LeSage taped the whole presentation in 1999.

See you next month!

Burro. Bob Kietzman

Member's Wings:

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Rick Sharpe's SkyRaider

Rick Sharpe's two beautiful aircraft

Grubbs' Cub Grubbs' Grum

Bob Supina's Skylane

Maury Udell's PT23

Ben Mason's P38

Marshal Dues' RV6

Gale Haskins in his pristine Stearman

Stearman Haskins Stearman



Keep healthy, guys!

Great looking web site on the Houston Hangar. I was a member of this Hangar during the early 1960 to 1973. I have demitted to the Atlanta Hangar after leaving Houston. You have a wonderful group of aviator's..... Orville J. Winover Vice-President General Manager Tyler Jet, LLC QB #16053

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